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October 20, 2008 at 11:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 13 Comments
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So . . Wow, the journey begins

My 1st ever blog, and why ? Quite simply I want to build a business online and I want to help others do the same.

Let me explain my short story. 12 months ago I realised finally that if you want to be successful you are going to have to work for it, Hell yeah you will ! My name is Dean Holland and I am 24 years old and I’ve spent far too many years waiting for the cash to find me, guess what … Yep, it ain’t happened.

My online earnigs to date: $0 . . This is where it starts

So now Im going after the success with passion and determination, and I know im going to acheive it. There you go, I’ve declared it live online that I will be an online success.

So let me set my first goal- To acheive $1 earnings online.

Let me tell you, after 12 months of learning online skills but getting nowhere I needed a kick up the backside. And the last 3 days gave it me good. I attended a seminar in London UK as a VIP guest of Alex Jeffrey’s, If you dont know this guy go google him right now ! Alex I want to personally thankyou, you are passionate to the heart about what you do and extremely inspirational. After meeting you and soon to be moving forward with you I know my life really is gunna change. Cheers buddy !

Im going to document my journey on this blog, I hope many people will follow my steps and acheive your goals also.

OMG ! I have just had a mad great thought pop into my mind whilst typing this, what a magic idea. Look honestly, come visit my blog again soon. I need to go away and put this plan into action, you are going to benefit from it. Probably a lot more than you think. Cant believe how that just happened, crazy !

Please post your comments, I would love to hear from people in my situation that are wanting to start an online business. Lets do it !



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  1. talk about taken action bro,

    most people wouldn’t have even got there blog set up in a day – let alone write there first post,

    and come accross there first a-ha moment in one day,

    Dean – im proud that you have made a statement online that you have made $0 and you are aiming for $1 first,

    let me tell you dude – working with me im going to make sure to get you out of your day job asap
    and make you a whole lot more than $1.

    well done – this is early days for you and i KNOW you are going to make me proud,

    so you think meeting me as a V.I.P Guest was worth it then huh,

    welcome onboard brother … we’ll have to meet up again soon,

    but before that keep in touch if you need anything okay


    Alex Jeffreys

  2. Hi Dean well done on getting your first blog up and running its great to see you taking action after the seminar.

    Im looking forward to see what the ha ha moment was and hope you go forward like alex

    Regards Tony

  3. Wow !

    How about that… a couple days of beginning my blog and my online journey and 2 comments already ! Thanks a bunch you guys.

    Alex, its soooo good to have you behind me man ! Im heading for big things and with you backing me it feels like im dreaming ! I got you that Carling + lime on ice bro 😉

    Tony, thanks for the comment my friend. So you found my blog … Magic ! To be honest im proud of myself for taking action, I now realise thats what you gotta do to acheive the success that I want out of life. Would love to hear where your at right now so keep in touch on here matey.

    As for my ah ha moment, Im very excited and am working on it as we speak. It’s going to take anyone in my position that is willing to learn and take action to success and wealth. Just to give a a little teaser . . Im gunna give everything for away for free 😉

    Stay tuned for more info soon.

    For anyone following my journey, let me tell you where im currently at. So I got this blog started right, now Im looking around and see that you really need to brand yourself online and come out with some kind of uniqueness. So I want to get a custom header done for this blog, doing some research I have made my way to and am about to post my requirements on there.

    Will keep you all posted. As always please leave you comments, I want to hear from all of you.

    Till next time


  4. Hi Dean,

    I remember having a pint with you at the bar on the weekend, was good to meet you, and even better to see that you’ve already taken action and got your blog set up, way to go! 🙂

    don’t forget to check out for a bunch of blog video tutorials, including which plugins I use and stuff like that.

    and feel free to give me a shout if you get stuck on anything.

    Matt Garrett

  5. oh, one quickie Dean, I’d recommend changing your permalinks structure to a more SEO friendly one.
    there’s a video for it on BlogTactics on the videos page and grab the “Deans Permalinks Migration” pluging from the plugins page.

  6. hey dean,

    check all the clams on your oil rig algae 🙂

    peace – alex

  7. hey dean,

    with regards to your graphics for your website i wouldn’t go to

    I recommend you go to

    he’s the guy who did my blog graphics for

    im looking forward to seeing this place turn into a kick butt site,

    talk soon


  8. Hi Dean,

    Hey great start. I know exactly what you are
    talking about. I have been dinking around
    a long time, made a few dollars, very few.
    I wish you well and don’t forget we out here
    are also going along for the ride.


  9. Hey guys

    Thanks for the great comments !!

    Hey Don, You sound just like me but now is time for action my friend !

    Hope you are ready to stand up and do it with me

    Together we will conquer this business and build a solid life long empire.

    Let me know what your up in your business


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